IGCP Project 559

Crustal Architecture and Images

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Updated: Jun 02, 2016

IGCP Project 559 - Seismic Images

Many images of the Earth used by this project were collected along transects, which are long, narrow corridors across the Earth's surface. These images represent two-dimensional slices extending from the surface to depths as great as 100km.

The project is also interested in the results of older, historic studies which developed the current methodology, and documented the signatures of geological features at depth.

One of the goals of this project is to create a standard set of definitions describing images of the Earth's interior.

Tectonic Zones

Regional Sub-divisions

Other Information

Cratons and stable orogens/collision zones

Active collision zones

Sedimentary basins and continental rift/spreading zones

Convergent continental margins

Passive continental margins

Transcurrent / Strike-slip fault zones

Other structures/tectonic features

North America

South America

Eastern Europe

Western Europe

British Isles



New Zealand




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