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Updated: Jun 02, 2016

International Symposium on Deep Structure of the Continents and their Margins Series


Deep Seismic profiling aims to obtain near-normal incidence reflections from the crust and upper mantle along regional seismic transects, using the techniques developed by the oil industry for mapping structures in sedimentary rocks. These transects have been collected both on land and at sea, and in many cases cross crystalline basement areas or basin-basement boundary zones.

Over the years, deep seismic profiling has evolved both in methodology and understanding and has been integrated with other earth imaging techniques. Today’s deep seismic transects provide clear images of the crust and mantle across all tectonic environments throughout the world  and are providing evidence of geodynamic evolution within key geological provenances.

SEISMIX meetings, the shorten form of the ‘International Symposium on Deep Structure of the Continents and their Margins’ symposium series are an opportunity to gather together seismic and other specialists from all continents to discuss and advance deep seismic profiling and understanding. These symposium have been held every second year since the first meeting took place in Cornell in 1984. 

Symposium Objectives

The symposium’s objectives are to provide opportunities for like-minded international researchers in deep seismic profiling and related fields to meet together and keep abreast of deep seismic acquisition methodologies (active and passive techniques), processing, integration of active seismic and passive seismic methods and interpretation.

The focus of these symposium is to present results from recent deep seismic case studies, seismic methodology advancements (active and passive techniques), and results from deep seismic surveys showing the deep structure of the crust and mantle.

Symposium themes are aimed at allowing the presentation of results from key tectonic environments throughout the world. There are additional themes covering acquisition and processing methodologies and advancements. Other themes reflecting new research areas are included as needed. For example, themes may include:

  • Passive continental margins
  • Active continental margins and subduction structures
  • Intra-continental collision and accretion
  • Continental rifts and basins
  • Continental Mantle
  • Innovative seismic acquisition and processing techniques
  • Numerical modelling and inverse methods in seismology
  • Integrated multidisciplinary crustal-imaging case studies
  • Deep Seismic Profiling and Mineral Systems

Symposium Information

1984 - USA 1994 - Hungary 2004 - Canada
1986 - England 1996 - USA 2006 - Japan
1988 - Australia 1998 - Spain 2008 - Finland
1990 - Germany 2000 - Norway 2010 - Australia
1992 - Canada 2003 - New Zealand 2012 - China

Future Symposium

The next symposium will be the 15th ‘International Symposium on Deep Structure of the Continents and their Margins’ and will be held in China in 2012. Further information can be found at Seismix2012.

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