IGCP Project 559

Crustal Architecture and Images

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Updated: Jun 02, 2016

IGCP Project 559 - Seismic Images

Passive continental margins

LITHOPROBE East Transect, Newfoundland, Canada
Transect crosses onshore Newfoundland and the exposed Appalachian orogen; formed during closing of the Iapetus Ocean. Traverse shows structures related to the development of the Appalachian orogen, including the Humber, Dunnage, Gander, Avalon terranes and the Red Indian Line and the Dry Cove Thrust.

Eastern Canadian Shield (Escoot) Transect, Labrador offshore margin, Canada
Traverse is located across offshore Labrador and Quebec. The transect, the Eastern Canadian Shield Onshore-Offshore Transect (ECSOOT), crosses two large Archaean cratons, the Nain and Superior Cratons, a smaller block of Archaean crust (now in core of the southeastern Churchill Province) and five Proterozoic orogens. Two orogens (the New Quebec and Thorngat orogens) suture the three Archaean blocks; the others record the progressive southerly accretion of juvenile crustal material to the growing Laurentian continent.

Eastern continental margins Transect, Eastern Canada
Series of offhore transects off the coast of eastern Canada. Transects show features seen in the ESCOOT survey as well as recent structures associated with the modern continent - ocean boundary.

Atlantic continental margin Transect, Iberian Peninsula, offshore Spain
Transect across the Galicia Bank region off the Iberian Peninsula. Transect shows details of deep ocean floor (oceanic crust) structures, the ocean-continent transition zone, thinned continental crust and Iberian continental crust.