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Updated: Jun 02, 2016

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The IGCP Project 559 freely acknowledges the original research work by the authors of the papers referred to in the text and figure captions on this web site and of the publishers of the original scientific papers. Text passages quoted and figures used from these papers are made within the "fair dealing" and the "fair use" (non-commercial use) provisions for "research and study" and for "criticism and review" within the copyright laws of Australia, other common law jurisdictions, countries of the European Union and the USA.

The following statements have been taken from Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia web site:

"Fair dealing" is a doctrine of limitations and exceptions to copyright which is found in many of the common law jurisdictions of the Commonwealth of Nations. Fair dealing is an enumerated set of possible defenses against an action for infringement of an exclusive right of copyright. Unlike the related United States doctrine of fair use, fair dealing cannot apply to an act which does not fall within one of these categories. (In Australia, the grounds for fair dealing are – Research and Study; Review and Criticism; Reporting the News; Legal Advice).

The "fair use" doctrine is an aspect of United States copyright law that provides for the licit, non-licensed citation or incorporation of copyright material in another author's work under certain, specifiable conditions. The term "fair use" is unique to the United States; a similar principle, fair dealing, exists in some other common law jurisdictions.

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