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Updated: Jun 02, 2016

Working Group on Seismic Imaging of the Lithosphere (WGSIL) Infromation



In 2003 the Commission on Controlled Source Seismology CCSS) became a division of IASPEI, the International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth's Interior and re-organized into IASPEI's Working/Task Group on Seismic Imaging of the Lithosphere (WGSIL) operating under its Commission on Tectonophysics and Crustal Structure.

Their latest report is available at http://www.iaspei.org/commissions/CTCS/mooney.pdf

CCSS and now WGSIL workshops date back over 35 years. The last, the 2003 Virginia workshop was the 12th in the series. Previous workshops were held in Dublin Ireland (1999), Cambridge UK (1996), Moscow Russia (1993), Kiel Germany (1990), Whistler Canada (1987), Susono Japan (1985), Einsiedeln Switzerland (1983), Park City USA (1980), ? (late 1970's), ? (mid-1970's), and Leningrad USSR (1968).

Workshop Information

12th International CCSS Workshop (2003, Virginia, USA)

Information on the Commission on Controlled-Source Seismology: Deep Seismic Methods that was held at Mountain Lake, Virginia, USA, between 8-11 October 2003 can be found at http://www.geophys.geos.vt.edu/hole/ccss/

11th International CCSS Workshop (1999, Dublin, Ireland)

Information on this and earlier workshops will be added as information is provided

Future Workshops

At this stage there is no planned future workshop known. WGSIL is currently looking for a host for the next workshop. If you are interested please contact John Hole.